Development of China’s Jewelry Industry

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

Financial strength and brand influence on the development of jewelry brand enterprise is essential, is the basis for its expansion channels. Because ordinary consumers of jewelry quality and value is difficult to identify, most consumers in the purchase of jewelry, can only rely on the jewelry brand awareness and trust to judge. Therefore, for jewelry enterprises, the stronger its financial strength, the higher the brand’s reputation, the more directly driven by increased product sales, which led to further market share to the well-known brand concentration, industry concentration continues to increase.

In order to further regulate China’s jewelry market, government and industry associations have introduced a series of industry standards and norms. This series of national standards and industry norms for China’s jewelry market to build a good platform for the system, China has become the international standard of jewelry more comprehensive one of the countries, which for China’s jewelry enterprises to enter the international market Has important significance, at the same time, China Jewelry Association, the World Gold Council and other industry self-regulatory organizations to provide guidance and services to enterprises, product quality assurance, quality identification and exchange and cooperation has played a huge role in promoting the market toward the benign state development of.

With the national quality of life and self-awareness continue to improve, and 80,90 after the sudden emergence of consumer groups, consumers are more concerned about the jewelry personality, fashion, jewelry design to better reflect their emotional sustenance. In the wave of personalized consumer driven, custom jewelry has become a fashionable choice.


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