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OpenRock X Debuts: Redefining Smart Sports Earbuds

HONG KONG, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OpenRock, a leader brand in audio innovation, announces the launch of OpenRock X, setting a new standard in open-ear headphone technology. After a year of preparation, it is designed to elevate the open-ear audio experience for sports fans.

OpenRock X Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds
OpenRock X Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds

Product Highlights: Elevating Excellence

Ergonomic and Durable Joint

This time, OpenRock X introduces a groundbreaking custom dual-center biaxial joint for seamless angle adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit for different ear sizes. This joint supports a slender ear hook design, perfectly balancing the earphone’s weight for optimal comfort. This ensures a stable and comfortable fit, preventing the earbuds from detaching easily, no matter the intensity of activities.

Superior Sound Quality

With the new BassDirect™ technology ensuring clear, deep bass and the LISO 2.0 algorithm enhancing audio details, OpenRock X delivers an immersive listening experience with powerful bass. Featuring four high-quality microphones and advanced AI call noise cancellation. Even on windy days, your voice comes through clearly to the listener.

Hygiene & Hearing Care

OpenRock X also focuses on ear hygiene and healthy listening. Equipped with an antiseptic layer to prevent bacteria and ensure comfort during extended use, the earphones also feature automatic volume control that adjusts to surroundings, providing consistently appropriate volume levels, and better protecting your hearing with limited high frequencies. A reminder prompts you to take breaks, promoting good listening habits.

Advanced Smart Integration

OpenRock integrates seamlessly with the OpenRock App to be smarter! Now, you can effortlessly customize EQ settings and choose from three specialized sound modes—Rock, Relax, and Boom—tailored for different activities. Experience spatial sound, adaptive volume control, and earphone location alerts are all designed to enhance the listening journey.

Your Perfect Companion: We’ve Got Every Step Covered

Imagine it’s a beautiful day and you’re gearing up for a long-distance cycling trip. You grab your OpenRock X, knowing you won’t have to worry about battery life all day. OpenRock X offers 12 hours of playtime on a single charge (48 hours with the case).

Switching to Rock mode in the app, you enjoy superb audio quality with enhanced bass while remaining aware of your surroundings. During the ride, OpenRock X stays securely in place, and you barely feel them for the perfect adjustability. You’re surprised that your sweat hasn’t affected the earphones at all – thanks to the IPX5 water and sweat resistance ensuring ideal performance. After your ride, you use the PUSH-PUSH design and hanging ring on the case to attach it effortlessly to your backpack.

With each step, you’re comfortable and relaxed, enjoy every minute of your sports.

Two ways to get yours:
Amazon US
Official Store

Why OpenRock

As a professional sports headphones brand, OpenRock prioritizes enhancing people’s fitness and addressing the common issue of earphones falling off during exercise.

This new OpenRock X takes the product’s vision to new heights and aligns closely with various needs in sports scenarios.

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