“Discounted jewelry” has quality problems

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

A few days ago, Peng An County residents to buy jewelry at discounted prices there are quality problems, businesses have said that special goods will not be returned. November 9, the reporter from the Pengan County Administration of Industry and Quality Supervision Bureau and the quality of the South was informed that after the law enforcement officers patient mediation, the final business for consumers for a full refund and compensation for lost working time 200 yuan.

October 25, Ms. Wang Peng’an County, a supermarket in the county after shopping, just out of the supermarket was a jewelry store sales staff stopped. The sales staff to free lottery grounds, invited Ms. Wang jewelry store to participate in the activities. Ms. Wang finished pumping award, sales staff told her to draw the first prize, you can discount the discount price to buy shop jewelry. Ms. Wang was attracted by the high discount prices, then in the shop selected gold inlay jade, and nephrite and other five jewelry, discount after the total price of 6982 yuan. However, wearing jewelry a few days later, Ms. Wang has found that gold inlaid gold there is the phenomenon of gold off. Subsequently, Ms. Wang jewelry store to find the quality of the product there is a reason to ask for a refund. But the staff said the store, jewelry is a special commodity, and is a discount sales, so the sale will not be returned, can only be repaired. After several consultations to no avail, the morning of November 1, Ms. Wang jewelry jewelry shop complaints to the Peng’an County Administration of Industry and Quality Supervision Bureau.

After receiving the complaint, Pengan County Administration of Industry and Quality Supervision Bureau and the South Industrial and Commercial Quality Supervision immediately organized law enforcement officers to the jewelry store for investigation. After inspection, law enforcement officers confirmed that Ms. Wang Jin Xiangyu purchased the existence of quality problems, and on the spot to the jewelry store operators to inform the “Consumer Protection Law”, “Three Guarantees Policy” and other related laws Regulations. Patient mediation by law enforcement officers, and ultimately, jewelry shop operators agreed to a full refund, and compensation Miss Wang lost 200 yuan. Law enforcement officers to remind, “gifts”, “trial products”, “discount goods” and other products, gifts, must be in line with national quality standards of qualified products, operators can not use this as an excuse to reduce and ignore the product should have performance and quality , If consumers encounter similar problems, to the relevant local authorities in accordance with the law.


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