Young consumers prefer effectively-cost accessories

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

Fast fashion brand intervention, the “jewelry (jewelry)” is no longer just referring to expensive gold and silver diamonds. To ZARA, BaubleBar cheap earrings, necklaces as the representative of the accessories are defined as fashion jewelry (fashionjewelry). Although the material itself is not as precious metal durability, but the fashion jewelry design speed and SKU rich degree of victory over many precious metal products.

According to the US data website Statista provides information, in 2015, the US parity fashion accessories sales reached 14.2 billion US dollars: In addition to fast fashion brand, even in the past, the main sales of diamonds Tiffany, 2015, cheap fashion jewelry (200 US dollars or so) Contributed the bulk of the bulk of sales, reaching 43%.

On the one hand, the non-war years, consumer demand for precious metals anti-risk hedge is not obvious; the other hand, the nature of jewelry is the use of high-frequency decorations, consumption and clothing should be less frequent. Cheap jewelry more in line with the current mainstream consumer trends of young people.


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