Does someone buy expensive jewelry online?

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

She set up this online jewelry platform, the original intention is to help customers find rare items on the market. In 2012, Dalia Oberlander in order to help girlfriends to find Cartier launched a ring in the 1950s ran countless stores, asked the jeweler is countless: “the time cost is too large.”

In addition, due to product attributes, even for the older age group of customers, “aunt grade” jewelry brand, naturally with a “golden key was born” sense of superiority: platinum, diamonds, jade jewelry at every turn Thousands of thousands of prices, the original with the public to maintain a certain distance. The brand also seems to enjoy and deliberately create a “distant” dream sense – at the same time, but also to the initial contact with these products to bring some pressure on customers.

As for the jewelry brand itself, they are usually more willing to let their jewelry appear in the high-end luxury journals, or accompanied by the stars to attend all kinds of red carpet, or even witness a certain period of love. In the end-consumer-oriented store design and service level, will not give up excellent posture. However, for those who first come to the customer, the store did not imagine a better consumption.

If you travel to New York and ask where the flagship store on Fifth Avenue Tiffany, I am afraid there are few drivers do not know the answer. When customers enter the store’s luxury foyer, usually by the suit and clerk of the initiative to lead. After a long greeting, the guests were sent to the elevator, the posture seems to meet an alien guest – “I usually do not talk, in fact, really do not like to talk.” Shane is through Facebook to find Philadelphia one A private jeweler custom wedding ring, because the traditional luxury jewelry brand shop to create a sense of luxury, it makes him feel uncomfortable.


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