4 standards of jewelry industry

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

Panyu jewelry integrity Union standard conference was held. Conference announced the first batch of jewelry industry in Guangzhou integrity standards, the traditional jewelry industry through the development of alliance standards, to achieve integrity management and technical standards of organic integration, for the right to speak for the industry is significant.

Guangzhou City, the first batch of jewelry industry standards of integrity by the Panyu District Market Authority, Panyu District, Jewelry Manufacturers Association and other two technical institutions and 11 leading enterprises jointly drafted. Standards after extensive solicitation of opinions revised and improved, the successful adoption of the Guangzhou Institute of Standardization, the provincial jewelry inspection station in the province, the city has a certain jewelry industry authority of the technical institutions, industry and enterprise group composed of experts. The standard content of comprehensive, scientific, reasonable, technical requirements fully reflects the Union members of the advanced nature and innovative products to the vast number of consumers to show the members of the Union of product quality and self-confidence and integrity of commitment to fill the domestic jewelry standards in quality assurance Single and jewelry business integrity evaluation criteria blank for the consolidation and sustained high-quality development of Panyu jewelry industry, the establishment of competitive clusters and regional brands to provide an important basis for the standard.

Panyu District Market Authority official said that the development of alliance standards, from the break, self-restraint and transformation, and actively change the jewelry industry to fight the market, fight the price of low-level competition, to guide enterprises than quality, than the service, Has taken a new pace of industrial development. The first batch of four league standards for the successful release of the traditional jewelry industry through the development of alliance standards, integrity management and technical standards to achieve organic integration, for industry discourse, the establishment of Panyu jewelry industry cluster and Panyu jewelry brand to create conditions to explore a new Road, of great significance.


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