Why should the jewelry companies strive to stock in the market?

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

I believe that all walks of life will come to a year-end inventory, of course, the jewelry industry is not out, although this year’s jewelry industry is from scratch to cold, , Or there are many companies listed on the application, and today to make a small series of inventory.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics released in July 2016 June total retail sales of social consumer goods in June 2016, the total retail sales of gold and silver jewelry is 24.2 billion yuan, an increase of 1.2%; 2016 in the first half of the national gold and silver jewelry retail Totaled 147.7 billion yuan, down 1.5 percent year on year. China’s jewelry industry as a whole is relatively stable, is still the world’s few annual sales of more than 30 billion US dollars of jewelry is one of the countries, is the world’s most important emerging jewelery consumer market. Among them, China’s gold, platinum, jade consumption ranks first in the world, diamond consumption ranks second in the world. In addition, in China, silver, crystal and other fashion decorative products are also greatly welcomed by young consumers.

In the domestic production of jewelry, China has now formed, including Shenzhen Luohu, Guangzhou Panyu, including 20 characteristics of jewelry industry base. Through the establishment of industrial clusters, the formation of economies of scale to improve the operational efficiency of the industry. In the jewelry sales, well-known enterprises have completed from the focus on the number of expansion of the enclosure-based extensive mode of operation to focus on the development of quality, shape the connotation of the development of brand image changes.

Industry competition is more and more intense, industry reshuffle acceleration. Jewelry as a non-renewable resources, as people continue to pursue the quality of jewelry, the price is getting higher and higher, therefore, the jewelry industry in order to achieve greater development space, the demand for capital is more intense. Therefore, many companies have to seek “way out”, such as last month A-share listed psychic jewelry, jewelry stocks become the first shares of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Since the listing, the stock is also in the daily limit.


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