German Jewelry Show

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Dec 17,2016

Winter, there is always the feeling of the sun is very warm. And December 10 officially opened the fourth Shunde (Lunjiao) Jewelry Culture and Tourism Festival and the first Shunde International Jewelry Show is the warmth into a warm, in all walks of life witness to the outside world to show the unique charm of London.

According to the development strategy of Shunde East New City, this cultural festival integrates Lunjiao urban cultural resources and industrial resources. Focusing on Shunde international jewelry and jewelry exhibition, taking the jewelry industry as the center, taking culture as the main line, tourism as the link, focusing on opening and tolerance. Integration and innovation, with the “marriage culture” string of jewelry, tourism, food, real estate, automotive, commercial, fashion and other industrial resources.

At the same time, the first Shunde International Jewelry Exhibition, China Shunde Jewelry Design Creative Design Contest Award Ceremony, water wedding, find the edge Lunjiao walk, 2016 China Ying Shi fine invitation exhibition and other splendid activities staged. As early as one day ago, food for food exhibition Shunde London has been the first to start, many people are heard Wensheng away.

The same day, Foshan City Tourism Bureau Party Secretary, Secretary Cao Hongbin, Shunde District Standing Committee, the mayor Peng Congen, the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee Propaganda Department Tang Lei Jing, Lunjiao Street Party Working Committee members and nearly a thousand spectators participated in the opening Type, the common witness of this moment.

On the opening, in the beautiful dance performances against the background, a group of innocent and romantic child stars put on the ancient Xiangyun yarn sections from, once again demonstrated that the “non-left” unique fashion style and “high color value “. Gold investment network.


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